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Here you can browse our Story Crafters Boxes, Mini Kits and Bible Story Crafters Kits.
We also have some special seasonal Christmas Kits available!
To subscribe and receive a Story Crafters Box each month, please visit our subscription page. Save when you subscribe as each box is only £16, instead of £18 when ordered as a one off purchase.
Christmas Story Crafters Kits
1 Christmassy story & 1 craft kit.
Story Crafters Boxes
Story Crafters Boxes
1 story & 4 craft kits
Mini Story Crafters Kits
1 story & 1 craft kit
Bible Story Crafters Kits
1 Bible story, 1 craft kit & 1 reflection and prayer guide.
Advent Calendars
Crafts and stories to count down to Christmas!
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