Enjoy the story Treasure Island and make your own bobbing boat!


Based on the original story by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Join young Jim Hawkins as he discovers a treasure map and embarks on a thrilling quest for pirate gold. Jim and his crew sail to a desert island across the seas, but when Jim learns the ship's cook, Long John Silver, has his own plans for the treasure, the race to find the bounty is on!


Make a bobbing boat with card, cotton wool, lolly stick and more. When you've made it, use the lolly stick to make your boat bob up and down in the waves. Great for toddlers and children to develop fine motor skills and have fun.


The book, child friendly instructions and everything you need for your craft (except scissors) is included in your kit.

All Story Crafters kits are handmade. Colours and patterns may vary.

Bobbing Boat & Treasure Island

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