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Welcome to Story Crafters! Thanks for stopping by.
Here at Story Crafters we create handmade craft kits for children  based on story books.
Each of our boxes includes a story book and between 1 and 4 craft kits. Instructions and all the resources you need for the crafts (except scissors) are included.
 Keep an eye out for our special seasonal crafts too!
Easter Craft Pack is currently available including Spring craft kits and Easter eggs.
Check out our shop to see our boxes and kits or visit our subscription page to receive a new box delivered to your door each month.
At Story Crafters, we believe reading is an essential skill and a wonderful gift. Our boxes are designed to help families enjoy reading and creating together. As well as this, Story Crafters boxes help develop fine motor skills, a love of reading, independence and much more.
Check out our Why Story Crafters? section for some of the benefits of our boxes, or see Our Story to find out about our background and ethos.


"What wonderful story crafting sets. My 3 absolutely loved them ALL OF THEM!! Perfectly pitched for my 6, 4 and 22 month old. I already have ideas in mind for friends birthdays. What a wonderful idea and simple instructions for us too 😍😍 My 6 year old particularly spent ages working on his crafts then did a puppet show for us. And we read the stories for a 2nd time at bed time tonight 😍"

— Louise

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